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silver–wheeled city



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Ride the past on 9 NYC excursions inspired by the transformative moment in the 1890s when the bicycle and camera allowed New Yorkers to reach destinations farther away than they did on foot, extending the range of the human soul – just as they still do now.

Each ride offers: a single historic photograph as an invitation to discovery; a mapped itinerary; and an essay plumbing the depths of Gotham’s prodigious soul, as reflected by its love affair with bicycle and camera.

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NYC needs a new tribe of two–wheeled flaneurs – curious, wide–awake cyclists who know and appreciate the city’s rich heritage of bicycling as a mode of discovery and connection, and dedicated to making bicycles an integral part of the city’s future. Silver–Wheeled City aims to be New York’s traveling companion as it pedals its way toward this New Urbanist revolution!


Dr. Dann has outdone himself with this unique and beautiful guidebook.

— Bill DeBlasio, Mayor

Sublime design aside, the bottom line about Silver–Wheeled City is that it’s simply a joy to ride and use.

— David Byrne, Bike Lover

Every NYC tour guide knows: when you ride with the Dutch, the wind is always at your back. . .

Every NYC tour guide knows: when you ride with the Dutch, the wind is always at your back. . .

The Tour de France of NYC guides, without peer or parallel.

— Pee Wee Herman, Champion Racer

Silver–Wheeled City will spark a revolution and change urban transportation forever.

— Casey Neistat, Urban Adventurer


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I am trying to cut Amazon out of the loop with this book, and am so keen – after Jeff Bezos has put so many friends and colleagues out of business – to have the book find its way without entering into that bloodsucking squid's tentacles. It goes without saying that along with being delighted to send you a copy, I encourage you to go into your local book and/or bike shop, and ask them to order some.

Thanks so much!

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